School Canopies, shelters, covered walkways and outside classrooms

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From Inside2Outside

We supply Inside2Outside shelters, Britain’s leading brand of school canopies, creating outdoor covered spaces for schools and colleges. No longer do you have to cancel outdoor teaching activities due to inclement weather.

A school canopy offers complete flexibility - providing an outdoor classroom for teaching, or turning an outside activity area into an all weather facility.

A canopy can also provide a parents with a waiting shelter. This is especially in keeping with the Walk To School initiative. PLUS, Inside2Outside provides a simple way to link areas of your school with a covered walkway.

We can offer installation of shade shelters across Devon and the UK.

Products in the Inside2Outside range


The Qube provides a broad range of flexible solutions to schools for outdoor classrooms to be used for teaching or recreational needs. Using the highest quality materials, our structures are designed to last. Free-standing or connected to buildings the Qube can provide a spectacular addition to your school.

  • Safe and Strong: Qube can withstand storms and the weight of heavy snow. Qube is also fire-resistant.
  • Hard Wearing: Thanks to it's aluminium frame and tough fabric covers, the Qube is extremely hard wearing.
  • Self Cleaning: Qube requires little maintenance and is self-cleaning, so it won't take up valuable time and resources.
  • Provides Shade and Light: Unlike bricks and wood which can be heavy and dark; or perspex which can get extremely hot in the summer, Qube’s fabric is translucent, providing shade when needed but always allowing ample light through.
  • Flexible Work/Activity Spaces: Qubes can be open or enclosed on one or both sides using a range of different materials, including the same fabric as the roof. Qubes are free standing and can be moved, extended or reinstalled if required to meet changing needs.
  • Attractive: Qube’s design and material offers an attractive, colourful and modern range of structures that can enhance school buildings, either bringing a touch of the 21st century to older buildings or complementing more contemporary architecture.


The Kwikshade is a unique structure, providing valuable protection from the harsh effects of the summer sun.

  • Multi-purpose: Use Kwikshade as a playground, outdoor classroom, parents waiting shelter, covered walkway, dining area, bicycle shelter, quiet area - the possibilities are endless!
  • Individually Designed: Each Kwikshade is individually designed. Fixings are put in place, and then exact measurements are taken. The Kwikshade is modelled by our CAD team, prior to patterning, to create a structure that is truly three dimensional.
  • Fire Retardant & Long Lasting: Kwikshades are manufactured using dimensionally stable, long lasting material. This allows each Kwikshade to come with a 20 year warranty, subject to annual service and cleaning.
  • Versatile: Kwikshades can range in size from just 3m x 3m x 3m - to large structures that can cover stadiums. They are also available in a range of colours and shapes.


The Kube has been designed specifically to cover larger areas, where an open, unobstructed space is required for outdoor activities.

  • No Central Supports: Unlike marquees and other large covered outdoor areas, the Kube requires no central supports, leaving the covered space completely versatile.
  • Robust and Safe Design: The Kube comes with a 20 year warranty (subject to annual service and cleaning) and is exceoptionally strong and sturdy.
  • Attractive: Kubes can be tailored exactly to your requirements and as such can enhance any environment in which they are set.

Covered Walkways

Inside2Outside's range of covered walkways offers hard wearing, strong, flexible, practical options for covered passages for exposed spaces between school buildings.

  • Hard Wearing: Made with aluminium frames and tough fabric covers.
  • Self-Cleaning: Covered walkways require little maintenance with self-cleaning technology built into the surface of the covers.
  • Practical: Constructed with translucent material, walkways allow ample light through, but remain an area of shade when needed.
  • Flexible: Walkways can either be open or enclosed on one or both sides. There is a range of material to choose from, and walkways are free standing, meaning they can be moved, extended or reinstalled if required.
  • Attractive: The range of materials available means walkways are colourful and modern, and can enhance any buildings they connect.
  • 20 Year Warranty: Like all products on this page, walkways come with a 20 year all-parts warranty, subject to annual service and cleaning.

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